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Logan, UT Flooring Services

Power House Flooring is Logan, Utah’s source for beautiful carpeting, laminate, hardwood floors, and numerous other flooring options. Our large collection of quality products and our commitment to our customers have allowed us to establish ourselves as one of the leading flooring contractors in Logan, Utah.

Your floors make a big impact, and installing new flooring or repairing your existing one is almost always a worthwhile investment. Whether you are looking to install carpet flooring, laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, or some other type of flooring or are just considering your options, you can always count on Power House Flooring.

At Power House Flooring, we are focused on providing you with the best flooring services at the best price. We tackle all flooring projects no matter the size. No job is either too large or too small for our crew.

It’s important you understand the scope of your project properly regarding cost and options available, as well as have someone savvy enough to guide you through the process and assist and confirm your decisions. We know exactly what it takes to help you and get you a result that’s beyond your expectations in creating a beautiful interior or exterior space.

We’re confident that when you choose us, you’re making an incredibly wise investment in creating a beautiful property as well as getting a product that will last for the long term. Call today to get an estimate.

All Floors. All Types.

We offer flooring services for any project.

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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring comes in a wide variety of wood types, finishes, and grains and will look great in any room. Whether you prefer a dark wood or a light wood, Power House Flooring has the perfect wood flooring type and finish for your home.

This picture shows luxury vinyl floor installation.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Laminate flooring is emerging as a highly sought-after type of flooring for both new homes and homeowners going through a remodel. Our experts can help you choose a laminate flooring solution that matches your unique needs.

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Carpet Installation

Whether it is a permanently installed wall-to-wall carpet or a large rug, it instantly gives a room more of a finished feel. At Power House Flooring, we carry many types and colors of carpet from all the leading brands.

tile floor services

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring offers clean, minimalist designs and strong options for wear, water, and scratch resistance. With tile flooring you can add a new, durable surface to your home that matches your sense of style perfectly.

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Stone Flooring

Stone flooring is a great way to give an authentic and luxurious look and feel to your home. There are a wide variety of options available and you'll need to be selective in getting the look you want for your budget.

This is an image of linoleum being installed.

Linoleum Flooring

At Power House Flooring, we offer quality linoleum floor installation services to both commercial and residential customers. If you need new flooring installed in your home or business, you should consider linoleum for your upcoming project.

How To Select A Great Flooring Company

A picture of tile that was installed by a professional flooring company.

License and Certification

All flooring contractors in Utah are required to have an up to date license and certification from the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing to back up their competence. To enjoy the best flooring services, you need to hire a certified and licensed contractor who comes from a reputable company that’s fully insured under workers’ compensation.


Working with a flexible and understanding flooring contractor is easy especially when it comes to scheduling and worksite operations. The contractor should try fitting into your schedule and working within the agreed time frame. Flexibility is a major concern since the conditions at your home may keep changing and you need to work with a contractor that can accommodate the unforeseen occurrence.


Experience is another key consideration when hiring a flooring contractor in Logan, UT. Online reviews will tell you a lot about a contractor’s experience. Prior to making a hiring decision, look for a contractor that has been in the business for many years with a large group of satisfied customers to provide testimonials.

The best flooring contractor will have the above-mentioned qualities and many others including diligence, honesty, connections, warranty coverage, and excellent interpersonal skills. Power House Flooring is one such contractor in Logan, UT with all these qualities.

Why Choose Us?

We Only Use Proven, Quality Products

We use a variety of high-quality products sourced both locally and overseas that are durable and have proven components that have been tried and tested. We also constantly research new products, equipment, and finishes that will allow us to keep offering you the best.

We Are Committed to Providing Quality Customer Service

We are dedicated to consistently providing superior customer service. Our top priority is your satisfaction and there’s nothing that we love more than providing our customers with the attractive flooring of their dreams.

We Are Experienced

Our experience allows us to do quality installations and repairs that last and give you accurate estimates. We know how long a job will take us, what is required, and we get it done on time, every time.

We Are Innovative

Flooring technology changes at a rapid pace and we ensure we are up to date on the latest innovations and product developments so that we can offer our clients the latest products that are most popular currently.

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We Strive For Satisfaction

Are you ready to start on this journey? If yes, so are we. We are open and more than happy to take on this task with you. All you need is to contact us, and we will help you figure out what options work best for you. Be it residential or commercial property, we have fence and deck options you will love. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today! You will be glad you did, and boast to your friends and neighbors!

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